If you’re one of those teachers who finds that they spend a large amount of time updating, synching, managing apps, transferring photos to be printed and managing all those other fun little side-effects of having iPads, there are some solutions for these problems that you may not know about.

I have found solutions to the two biggest iPad issues at our school:

Printing from an iPad:
iCan-Print and WePrint are both marketed as free options, and are actually not free to use.
PrintCentral seems like the best option, but it costs $10 and I’m unclear if this is for each iPad.
Any printing solution using network printers requires some set up and the use of a computer to connect through to network printers. I will be setting this up on the “synching mac” we use for all our iPads.

Managing apps on multiple iPads:
Setting up multiple iPads was enough of an effort, but with system updates, app updates, children too small to realise they have deleted/moved apps, it has become a frustrating and time consuming experience.
After sorting through a huge list of expensive management devices I scrapped them all and went with Meraki Management. I could not justify spending around $4 per device, per month.
I have settled on trailing Meraki for now. This is not to say I have chosen the best option, or the most effective option, rather that it has presented as the most viable option for our needs. I have found this is great for free apps, but requires a sort of licence code for purchased apps, that we do not have.

Update 19/3: In the past few weeks we have decided to implement a Mac Server with an MDM component that will also allow us to print.

Update 29/3: The poor IT man is having some difficulty setting up our iPads to talk to the Mac Server. Perhaps we will be able to print in term 2?

iPad services to make your job easier!

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