I always experience some trepidation when implementing ideas about using technology, as the reality is there are people who do not understand or are not comfortable with using technology. This is not to say that they are disinterested or unwilling to learn, rather I’m aware that it could be “just another thing” on a long list for them to do.

My primary concern when bringing ideas to the table is to only bring what is useful, not incumbent. I saw the use of a team device to be advantageous, as ideally we could have each other for tech support and troubleshooting.

We have the opportunity for learning walks, where we are given time to visit the other learning communities around our school to look at an area we want to develop, gather information and ask questions. After a visit to our amazing prep team I came away with many new ideas. One of them was in regards to our use of devices to record information.

Earlier this year, the 1/2 team decided to track students using evernote, and we found the web page and the app particularly useful as they offer options to people who prefer a computer to a tablet. The document camera allowed for those taking paper notes to add those into notebooks without having to use a screen at all. However, we primarily settled on using iPads due to their ease of accessibility.

The prep team has taken this one step further, by creating a shared template for their observations, allowing for the option of using different devices and even a paper form of recording into a filing system. Their documents are still accessible to all team members, whether they are hand written notes, or digital services such as confer or evernote.

I like this because all teachers can use what they are comfortable with. We do not need to use the same devices, services or formats. It has left me wondering if this is the next step for our team.

Teams and Devices – Do we all need to use the same ones?

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