Recently, our literacy unit has focused on procedural texts, and one of our investigations workshops with the strongest interest is cooking.

Instructables are perfect for both!

I have been using Instructables for a while now, and I love them.
Instructables can be videos, written procedures with single pictures, or written procedures with step-by-step pictures.

Some can be downloaded in PDF form to be used later, perhaps for the children to use when presenting what they have produced from an Instructable.


There are a range of Instructables on offer, and there are even competitions to enter!


The beauty of using Instructables is that anyone access them and anyone can make them.

They are quite straight-forward to make and look fantastic when they’re finished.

Here is screen capture of the process:


If you wish to make one, an account is required and setting up a free account is easy.

I’ve made a general account for the children to use, the process doesn’t take long and there is no mucking about with email verifications.

Be warned: they will steer you towards a paying for a pro account.


What I envision for Instructables:




-a platform for the children to publish their procedural texts

-a way to share the healthy recipes involved in the healthy eating investigations workshop

-a means to embed activities on the blog, to demonstrate the learning that the children are currently engaged in

-a possibility for connecting with the global community by submitting Instructables and/or entering competitions

-a way to introduce the children to accessing a range of activities they might be interested in making or creating at home


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