Literacy is an ever-evolving beast, so I decided to share a snapshot of my literacy as it is today.

After gradually introducing each literacy task, task card and technological resource throughout the year, a range of options have now built up for students. These are on offer during the reading block, while I take guided reading after the students have settled into their task and can return to it without confusion. I have the student’s names and faces on magnets and they are moved depending on the task they are engaged with.

We work on a 5 day, then 4 day teaching week and the last day of the second week is team planning. This means the students have set groups for the first week, where they experience each current activity. For the second week the students are give 4 days of choice, where they can choose, revisit and/or return to their tasks.

I begin by tuning children in on texts and asking them questions, as answering inferential questions is a common goal in my classroom. I then send them off to complete tasks. There is also a writing session afterwards, where written work is created, edited and published independently, in groups on in a teacher conference.

These are the 5 choices:


View and Respond

Currently view and respond videos are either clips or books on sunshine online.

I choose 4-5 task cards for the students to respond to, depending on the text.

Up until a fortnight ago this was a “Text Response” box, where the children would respond to the text we read together s a class during tuning in. I’ve been interested to see how this change would influence the students.




Read to Self

This is a hybrid of read to someone and read to self, as in the daily 5.

The students are currently recording difficult words to post-it notes as they read, or are reading from other student’s published work and using supporting question prompts to create discussion.

There is a second set of task cards for future use in this section.



Talking Time

Talking time was created to target the students’ oral language skills and currently involves them sequencing 4-6 panel stories, telling the stories and answering questions about their stories.

The students film with an iPad, which is great for reflection time and ensures that they have done the right thing while I’m with a reading group.





Currently the students are using the iPads for “app of the week”, which has ranged from interactive stories to story makers.

I’m thinking of moving them on to blogging, as they are now familiar with the blogging concept.

I have another set of task cards in this section, for the students who are finished listening to stories.



Mystery Box

The children have been creating procedural texts, so the mystery box currently features simple drawing procedures for the students to follow and create their own artwork.

After, I ask the students to critique the clarification of the instructions and encourage them to create their own procedure for drawing.




Finishing Off and Publishing

Once the children have finished their task they can move on to finishing off, which means publishing or revisiting a task they have tried earlier in the week and want to finish.





There is also an away section for the students who are absent, and a draw box for previous mystery box items.

I’m saving them to unleash them all for the last week of term.





If you would like a copy of my Text Response Cards click here to download them.


A Literacy Snapshot

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