I’m sure most people out there have a pinterest account, or have at least heard of pinterest, and I encourage everyone to sign up and have a look at the educational resources on there.

Pinterest allows you to access and follow content made by others, and to make your own pins!

You simply look up any topic you want to know more about, like the Daily 5, and there are heaps of resources for you to access.

One of the strengths of pinterest is the ability to make your own boards. When you find something you like, or want to use, you don’t have to add it as a tab on your browser window, you can pin it to your own board and make a collection to come back to later.

My Pinterest account is: http://pinterest.com/shelleysugs/boards/

I started off with one board for education, and had to change to multiple boards, labelled:

I have fallen off the pinning wagon for my educational boards recently, because I already have pinned a huge amount and am working through it.

Pinterest is not only for work, but brilliant for pursuing any of your interests!

And although it is slightly embarrassing to admit, I am using a partnership of pinterest (inspiration and ideas on a private board) and evernote (so Mum and Mum-in-law can see everything, comment on it and ask me questions) to plan my wedding at the moment.
They make life so easy! Give pinterest a go!


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