As of last Wednesday, the majority of Australian teachers passed the half way point of the last term for the year. As reports are finalised, annual reviews are concluded and Christmas concerts begin, many already have a picture of what next year may hold.

Whether remaining in the same year level, or changing systems entirely, these are the things I’m currently doing to make sure I’m ready for the new year.

They are extremely obvious, but I thought I’d share anyway to see if I’m still doing the same next year.


1 – Obtain a class list, and preferably a photo of each student. Orientation days are perfect opportunities for this if your school does not have a bank of student photos, or if you are changing schools and do not have access to one.

2 – Handover. Some schools have formalised handover, others don’t. It’s always worth a discussion with each student’s previous teacher to get a feeling of what they may need from you. This is when I make sure I’m aware of any medical needs the students have, and I obtain their parent’s names. I even put parents names on a list stashed away, should I need it.

3 – Student files. The first step is to start getting these ready, whether you track via paper, digitally, or both. I started compiling photos, work samples like letters the students have written any anything else I need into new evenote files.

4 – Odd jobs that might annoy you later. I like to get the jump on those sorts of jobs, such as setting up a new blog for my 2014 class, creating curriculum checklists and familiarising myself with text books and novels.

5 – New stationary. At the end of the year I have folders full of stuff and need to buy new ones for extra storage, and for the next year. If you’re like me and have a love of stationary, I change up my colour scheme to give me a fresh outlook and to make each year easily identifiable amongst the others.

Winding Down, Starting Up
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