The beginning of a new school year is a perfect opportunity to refresh and implement cyber safety policies.

One of the most useful tools I’ve come across for teaching internet safety is the Cybersmart website. The site provided by the Australian Communications and Media Authority and can be accessed here.

For  schools who are considering introducing  devices for each student, there is a great policy guidance section. It contains materials to support schools to ensure safety and meet state government cybersafety policies. There is also an online help and reporting section, that can be used to support teachers, student and families if needed. There are internet safety and awareness presentations on offer, which could serve to assist schools when implementing new policies and devices, or when addressing internet safety.

There are sections for students of different ages, as well as schools, libraries and parents. The resources and lesson plans section is bursting with resources for teaching and promoting cybersafety, while providing an insight into what students of different ages may use the internet for. In addition to this, the Cybersmart website does not shy away from the tough reality students are facing today, with a section dedicated to cyber issues.

Cybersmart also offers online learning courses, pre-service teacher programs and professional development sessions. I highly recommend the professional development sessions. They are in great demand and there is quite a waiting list, so if you’re interested register your school soon.

ACMA: Cybersmart
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