Stoodle is a free online shared website, which is also available as an iPad app.

It reminds me of ShowMe, but with some amazing features that have limitless potential. Like ShowMe, you can still permanently store files, upload images and draw on the whiteboard with drawing materials. However, in Stoodle’s case, there can be more than one user at any time, the whiteboard has an unlimited amount of pages and enables voice conferencing and text chat between long distance learners. This means you can communicate visually on the whiteboard, while hearing each other and/or writing to each other.

Stoodle has amazing potential as a teaching and learning tool, not only for teachers and students, but for anyone else who wants to learn anything, from anyone!


Who created it? 3 high school students, Arjun Mehta, Simar Mangat and Divyahans Gupta.

These students are doing what we would hope for all our students: embracing and enabling lifelong learning, through the fruits of an entrepreneurial spirit.

Their objective is “to help bridge the national achievement gap with a free and comprehensive online learning experience.”

In my opinion, I think their sights are set too close to home. This could easily become an international hit.
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