I have recently run sessions in different schools around the Geelong region about tracking and reporting using Evernote.

I wanted to share with you the feedback I have received about the program.


The main reason teachers enjoy using the program are:

– ease of use when entering information
– simplicity of sharing and updating
– the formation of a portfolio for each student
– accessibility when using different platforms


The confusing aspects of the program are found in:

– the differences (in use and look) between the different platforms
– how to set up sharing each notebook in the most efficient way


These are the two most popular setup approaches:

1) One notebook per student with “subject” pages, the notebooks of each home group are then sorted into stacks.
(In primary schools and schools with smaller class sizes this approach has proved to be the most useful for them)

2) One notebook per class or home group, with a page for each student. These sometimes include a table of some sort to cover key information, eg: “Bio”, “Test Results”, “Assessment Results”, “Feedback”, “Behaviour”, “Parent Contact”
(For secondary environments and for subject teachers, such as specialist teachers, this has proved to be the most popular approach)


For further information about evernote, visit the tab at the top of this page, labeled “evernote”, or click here to get there quicker!


For windows users, or those who are seeking an alternate program, I am working on a page about OneNote and will be posting that shortly.

Evernote Feedback

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