Below are sites that provide some background on Contemporary Learning and Technology in the classroom:
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The Contmeporary Learning Research Schools Project Blog – this blog provides food for thought through reflections and documentation of the ins and outs of Contemporary Learning.

Edudemic – Fred Z. Sitkins’ relfections on the impact iPads have in the classroom.

Below are sites I use to provide me with ideas and save me time:

KeepVid – this nifty little site lets you save a copy of online clips to your computer, you can chose the format and size and all you have to do is pop in the URL of the video you want.

Top Marks – this site has a bunch of ready-made interactive whiteboard activities and a great little section just for parents to enhance their child’s learning opportunities at home. It’s perfect for those who haven’t quite mastered making their own manipulatives, or would rather save time with a ready-made one.

iPads for Education– this site provides you with hundreds of apps you can use for education purposes, relates them to curriculum, provides a brief run-down of the app and explains what the children are learning when they are using a particular app.

QR Stuff as mentioned in the QR Codes post, is a website that allows users to create a range of QR codes for different purposes.

Rubi Star – generates rubrics according to your particular task. Some of them are superfluous and can be unusual, but are not difficult to copy, paste and modify. I loved this when I was at uni, thanks to team planning haven’t had cause to use it since.

ICT Tools Mind Map – At first, this website seemed overwhelming, but it has many useful links and resources.

WikiBrains – this is a neat little website for brainstorming, the closest thing to Google Wonder Wheel I’ve been able to find.


The Literacy Shed – this site provides a heap of materials targeted at a range of levels. I particularly value the well-considered video clips and accompanying activities when working with the littlies.


Cool Maths Apps for Kids – Apps in Education’s list of their recommended apps for teaching Maths.

Math in the News – this American website highlights the role maths plays in our lives, by delving into the maths behind news stories.

10 Best Math Apps for Kids – this is a solid little list of maths apps for kids.


Bear Tracker – amongst other polar bear related information, this website shows the changes in ice levels and rough locations of polar bears in the Hudson Bay using Google Maps.

Wild Earth – this site has live feeds of different animals, all over the world.

A Tour of Orbital Laboratory – A fascinating video of a tour through the international space satiation.


Below are sites I use to hemp me manage technology and devices:

Meraki helps me to manage apps and content on the iPads, it has a few drawbacks such as a detailed set-up process, requiring purchase licences for purchased apps to be used on multiple iPads and it takes a significant time to roll out as it must be installed on every iPad.


Do you have any resources you regularly use and would like to share?

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